About Clean Safety Inc.

Clean Safety Inc. conducts business of disposable medical and non-medical gloves locally and globally since 2010, which is located in California. Clean Safety Inc. has own manufacturing facility, which is located in China, has been a global leader of professional disposable glove for more than 20 years. Clean Safety Inc. is a G&D (Growing and Developing) professional disposable glove supplier company. “We do it, as we really know it.” Thus, Clean Safety is the right company to help develop a custom solution for your disposable glove supply.

Corporate Overview

The Clean Safety Inc. is pleased to offer bulk and container purchasing services for Nitrile, Vinyl, and Latex examination gloves. We also will provide you with the high quality products at competitive prices. Clean Safety Inc. is fast growing company. For over 10 years Clean Safety Inc. has been an industry leader proving private label and brand name disposable gloves supplies to businesses throughout the whole word. Clean Safety Inc. is carrying a wide variety of glove, masks, gowns to ensure safety, personal and professional hygiene and to meet governmental (both state and federal) criteria in dealing with biohazards and chemical hazardous substances. We are constantly increasing our product offerings to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers. Clean Safety Inc. is enjoying cooperating with small to large corporations, institutions and government agencies as well as welcome consumers.

Features & Benefits

Professional Superior Service

Clean Safety Inc. is committed to superior service staring with shipping out all orders to you receiving them. Most orders are shipped out the same day. Clean Safety Inc. welcomes any questions or concerns you may have and will happily answer them via email, phone call, or walk-in.

Our Values


Satisfied Customers

Whether your needs are one case or one pallet or one container, Clean Safety Inc. can meet your needs. We always put customer service as our primary goal. We also believe that customer satisfaction is our greatest asset. We enjoy a great relationship with our client. Because we believe your success is also Clean Safety Inc.’s success.

Happy Employee

Clean Safety Inc. does carry a happy community for all our employees. Clean Safety Inc. believes that through the power of teamwork the company can achieve exceptional results for our customer. We expect all teams who are working for Clean Safety Inc. to work together happily for the betterment of our customers and our company. Thus, we will strive to deliver more than we promise.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Clean Safety Inc. pursues great quality products and high quality customer service. Thus, Clean Safety Inc. will constantly keep growing and developing new technology and service.