Recurring Orders

For facilities with predictable product demands, our dedicated support team can help you set up recurring orders.

Order Modifications

Reach out to change an active order, including payment details, product quantities, delivery information, and more.

Order Problems

From payment issues to delivery damage, our support team is here to help correct any order issues you may have.

Return Inquiries

After reading our return policy, you can contact our support team for assistance with the return process.

Product Samples

For organizations seeking samples before placing a large or recurring order, we encourage you to reach out.

General Support

Flexibility is a cornerstone of our Clean Safety team. For all support inquiries not listed above, we are here to make things right.

Our Support Process

Our seamless support process is a key component of our 5-star rating. Here are the key aspects of our process.


Through our intake process, we quickly pair you with the proper department to handle your specific request.


After assessing your needs, we reach out as expeditiously as possible to determine the best possible solution.


Shortly after your initial outreach, we provide the answer or carry out the course of action your organization needs.